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  1. Murphy visits Clun Castle

    If you’ve been keeping an eye on our news you’ll have seen Murphy has been on a dog friendly trip.  He visited Clun Castle a number of times as it was close to the B&B accommodation we stayed at.  The castle has good sized grounds with the river running at the bottom of the site so there were plenty of doggie scents and room to stretch his legs.  The ruins are interesting – Murphy paid close attention to one of the information boards.  The castle is well worth a visit from a human perspective too.  On one day, when the Sun was shining, the outer bailey seats were full of people taking in the views.  On another occasion children were having a wonderful time in the remains of the tower.  On more than one occasion there were other dogs for Murphy to meet.  See more on our DogPeople Says link in the directory entry.

    Murphy dog enjoys his walk at Clun Castle

    Murphy soaking in a scent at Clun Castle

    There are a number of other dog friendly places to visit in Shropshire – check the link.  You’ll also find a dog friendly pub close by if you’re looking for a meal accompanied by your best friend … and another a short drive away.