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  1. A great day for a Murphy walk

    screen shot of GPS profile of walk with dog

    GPS details of our walk

    Murphy Airedale is on holiday in Shropshire staying at The White horse Inn, Clun. He’s had a great day walking the countryside today with his master and would like to share this with you.

    After yesterday’s awful weather Murphy was pleased to make the most of a dry day with a good breeze and sunny intervals.  We walked from Clun up the lane just above the church – The Jack Mytton Way.  The lane goes steadily uphill to reach a four ways crossroads just after it eventually levels out.  The Jack Mytton Way follows the lane on the left immediately after the right turn.  This heads to Burfield and the way continues ahead after the buildings.  The Jack Mytton Way bears left shortly thereafter but Murphy continued ahead on a bridle path until he reached another lane at Springhill Farm.  He then turned left and kept ahead at the crossroads until he reached the byway on the left just short of the crossroads at Stoney Pound.  We took the byway and Murphy was off lead as it is fenced on both sides.  We followed it all the way to the next lane, then ahead to reach Offas Dyke.  Here we turned right and followed the dyke south using the byway to begin with.  We crossed over the lane at Garbets Hall and followed the path over the stream and then to the next lane.  We turned left uphill and kept left at a fork in the lane.  Shortly after the fork we turned left onto a bridle path going up into the fields.  We planned to follow the bridle path to its junction with a byway but, at the brow of the hill, there were bovines ahead so we turned right and took the bridle path down through Back Wood.  When we reached the lane we turned left and followed it back to the crossroads at the top of the hill from Clun, then right back down the lane to Clun.

    Between us we drank 3 litres of water – and Murphy had several drinks from puddles (happily plentiful and fresh after all yesterday’s rain!).  After more than 13 miles and plenty of uphill and down dale Murphy should have been tired out – but he was still up for a chase.  In the last couple of miles he was very interested in squirrels no doubt collecting nuts in the hazel trees.  When one had the audacity to cross the road in front of him he nearly had his man over – and probably would have had it been a downhill rather than uphill section!  When we returned to The White Horse it wasn’t long before he’d dozed off on his bed whilst his man enjoyed a cup of tea. An excellent dog friendly day out.