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  1. Responsible dog ownership and how to find a good petsitter

    As dog owners Dogpeople encourage responsible dog ownership. The article and infographic below have been kindly provided by Sloan McKinney a freelance journalist and dog owner from Oregon, USA. Click on the infographic to enlarge it.

    According to statistics shown in the infographic below, people working as pet sitters and dog walkers make up the biggest percentage of those caring for animals in our absence. While there are plenty of other forms of exercise for our perky pouch, like swimming, a rousing game of fetch, or even competitive dog sports, walking is still the most popular way of keeping them healthy and active.

    Since most of us do walk our dogs, owners and caregivers alike, they should take heed of new legislation passed in 2014 as part of The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act. Britain continues to have a doggie doo problem and this legislation should help solve this issue. Those walking their dog and discovered by wardens or council officials without a pooper scooper or refuse bag will be fined £100 on the spot. For those failing to pay that fine within one week, they can be prosecuted in the magistrate’s court for up to £1,000.

    The Independent recently published an article that shares the official letter of the law that goes beyond simply not cleaning up after your animal. It is designed to go after those without the equipment at hand and will punish those “failing to have the means to pick up after [their] dog.”

    They’re On the Lookout

    Paul Knight, environmental manager at the Daventry council warns, “We have a number of hotspot areas. They tend to be quieter places where people are not seen or where they walk their dogs at night.” He also states they’ll be on the lookout and continues that they, “Are anxious to tackle the problem on footpaths near schools, and if we get public support our enforcement officers will have the confidence to take action against culprits.”

    More Changes in Legislation

    There were even more changes made to legislation in 2014 that adds bigger fines and tougher sentencing laws to the twenty-four-year-old Dangerous Dog Act of 1991. Provisions added to this act went into effect on the 13th of May 2014 and are also a part of The Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Bill mentioned previously.

    These harsher punishments are directed towards whomever is charged with the animal’s care at the time of any type of incident, refuse or otherwise. These can include not only the animal’s owner, but also a friend, family member, professional pet sitter or dog walker. So pet lovers should take heed, in the same way you wouldn’t let just anyone babysit your children, the same is true for your four-legged best friend.

    In closing, as dogs are becoming more welcome in many different places, even pubs and restaurants, in turn their owners and caregivers are being more responsible, and by doing so, they avoid these hefty fines. In case of your absence, if you do need to hire a professional pet sitter or dog walker, use the tips from this infographic to assist you in finding the best person to care for your dog and keep everyone on the up-and-up with the new legislation.

    PetSitter item from Sloan McKinney

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