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  1. Happy New Year

    Happy New year to dog people everywhere – and to your best friends too. We hope you’ve had a good Christmas break and many of you have a day or two more off to enjoy with your canine pals. Traditionally many people start to think about their summer holiday once the return to work gets fully underway. We hope you will be looking for a dog friendly holiday in the UK or Europe. Maybe you’ll fit in a short break to a dog friendly hotel or B&B before the summer season. How about taking the family to a pet friendly holiday park for Easter (early in April this year)? When it comes to the summer break might a self catering holiday in South West England be best for you, or a dog friendly holiday cottage in The Lakes or Snowdonia? Of course there’s holiday accommodation throughout the UK so browse our self catering directory to pick what’s best for you and your dog. The same applies to our selection of parks; pick a coastal resort in Eastern England, a forest location in The Peak District or a dog friendly holiday park in Scotland. The choice is amazing!