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  1. Tideswell, Cressbrook Dale and Great Hucklow Walk

    Another of Lottie and Murphy’s Peak District National Park recent circular walks from Tideswell has been added to our dog friendly Walks and Beaches Directory.  This was an enjoyable route with good views and a variety of countryside but won’t be suitable for heavy dogs not able to deal with a sizable stone stile.   In all there were three stone step stiles but our dogs managed two of them easily (and there were, in any case, nearby gates that could have been used as an alternative) but the third stile would have defeated both of them if we’d not been there to help.  Both dogs ran off lead for good sections of the route so the stretches of country lane and areas with livestock weren’t too onerous for them.  The route is about 12 miles so provides a good day out with your dog, whether you are on holiday or a short break … or just live nearby.

    Tidewell Dale stream

    Stream on the route for paddling and drinks