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  1. Lottie’s visit to St. Augustine’s Abbey, Canterbury

    Lottie went for an outing today to St. Augustine’s Abbey, Canterbury. We took a leisurely tour of the site and Lottie was admired by some American visitors who showed us a photo of their Airedale ‘Charlie’ back home. Read more about her visit in the DogPeople Says report below:

    Lottie visited in September 2013. We were warmly welcomed in the visitor centre and, although no water bowl was available, there was a cold water tap outside where we could fill her own bowl. We took the audio tour of the site which we found interesting and about the right length. As it was a hot day we often stood in shady areas with Lottie under trees or beside walls to listen to the story of the founding of the site by St Augustine, it’s subsequent enlargement, the arrival of Christianity to England and the decline of the Abbey. This was also a trip down memory lane for one of the directors as he attended Canterbury Technical School for Boys which was located near to the visitor centre and museum. The school was housed in the former Kent and Canterbury Poor Hospital. Although we found a drawing of the hospital on an information board there was no traces of the building. If you need a rest or want to enjoy a picnic there are benches, plus table and chairs undercover by the visitor centre.