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  1. Lottie’s visit to Amberley Museum & Heritage Centre (West Sussex)

    Lottie recently enjoyed a great day out at Amberley Museum & Heritage Centre, Amberley, West Sussex.  The directors enjoyed it too :-).  We have now added a ‘Dogpeople Says’ link to their directory entry – see below for our thoughts on this dog friendly day out:

    DogPeople Says : Amberley Museum & Heritage Centre
    Lottie visited Amberley Museum & Heritage Centre in May 2013. The museum consists of a wide range of exhibits located over a large area in an old lime quarry (if you need them to get around there’s a free bus service and a narrow gauge railway!). Visitors take a self guided tour; the nature trail is both interesting and allows dogs opportunity for a break from reading information boards and studying exhibits in the many buildings. Dogs on leads are welcome throughout the museum (but not the restaurant – but there’s a dog friendly picnic area outside) and Lottie saw various machinery, workshops, offices, shops and a fire station. She was particularly keen on the Bag-mender’s Shed & Cobblers exhibit and also enjoyed the nature trail; she was a little uncertain of a couple of the impressive statues, especially a life-size man and horse at the top of one of the lime kilns. There is a good variety of exhibits, a nice mix of rural and technology sections including old telephones, radios and TV’s the directors remembered from their younger years. If you are interested in everything this museum offers you’ll need a week to take it all in!