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  1. Dogpeople Says re The Ship Centurion ‘Arminius’

    A Dogpeople Says link has been added to the dog friendly pubs and food directory entry for The Ship Centurion ‘Arminius’ in Whitstable, Kent.  This is the directors’ ‘local’ and is our first choice for drinks or lunch when at home.  See below for our Dogpeople Says post:

    DogPeople Says : Ship Centurion
    This Dogpeople Says is long overdue as the directors consider The Ship their local – not that we are regular drinkers! The fact there are six pubs closer is indicative of The Ship’s qualities. The beers are as good as any in town (in Alan’s opinion). There are always three or four real ales, always well kept. Lager drinkers will find a good selection to including Bitburger (a German pilsner that I hope is a lager!). On our most recent visit – at the end of May 2011 – we, and the company’s artist and his wife, thoroughly enjoyed a lunchtime visit. Scampi was good but our three rib-eye steaks were excellent. We really tested chef by ordering a medium rare, a well done and a ‘cremated’. All were produced together and perfect for each of us. Alan ate the medium rare and it was really juicy and full of flavour. Our artist is discerning when it comes to food and drink and he was delighted! Our joint conclusion is the drinks are great, food tasty and, as important, the people are really friendly.