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  1. Benje and Sammy – probably the naughtiest dogs in the world

    We’ve become aware of a new dog centred book and wonder if any of our visitors might be interested?  The details we have are:

    This highly illustrated book is designed to be a bed-time story book for both parents / carers and children to enjoy. It has a “fairy-tale” approach to the adventures of the author’s two furry friends – Benje and Sammy, who are probably the naughtiest dogs in the world. Most or these adventures are true life accounts, although admittedly they may have been ever so slighly exagerrated for purely educational reasons, you understand. There are numerous photographs depicting the antics of these little monsters and the carnage that ensues. But despite this, deep down they are both loveable little flea-bags and their heart-warming antics will bring a smile to the face of children and adult dog-lovers alike. A jolly good read, if you ask me.

    About the author
    M J Pea is a seasoned author with a proven track record of many successful publications in his “day job” as a handsome medical professional. His litereary style is both simple and jargon-free making his books very readable for both professional and non professionals alike. He currently resides in Ireland but may often be found globe-trotting in many countries, in his quest for world domination. Mr Pea has now decided to branch out into the world of fiction and theres no better place to start than with the imagination of a child. Using all his skills stored up in his tiny brain, he has now managed to scrape together a work of literary genius (well at least Mr Pea and his pals thinks so). And unlike his other books, there are no gory pictures either, (although this may disappoint some).

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