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  1. Holiday dog tags to keep your dog safe

    We think holiday dog tags are a good idea and these are among the criteria recommended in our unique dog friendly rating system.  The chances of losing your dog in unfamiliar surroundings are greater – even a good lad like Hamish has been susceptible to chasing new and exciting scents, sometimes through pretty dense woodland.  Luckily he always came back to the whistle (although it sometimes took a while!) and, now that he’s nearly deaf he’s not fit enough to go rushing off anyway.  Being reunited with your dog on holiday might be more difficult too.  Even if you’re thoughtful enough to have a mobile contact on your dog’s regular tag you might find yourself in an area of poor, or no, reception.  For these reasons we think it a great idea if our advertisers provide a special tag for use whilst staying with them.  We thank  The Old Cider House B&B at Nether Stowey in Somerset for giving us information about tags.  Their tag has their land line ‘phone number.  This enables a found dog to be reunited with its owner through its holiday home.

    dog wears holiday dog tag in case he gets lost

    Hamish wears his Old Cider House Holiday Tag