The DogPeople Airdales

The DogPeople Airedales

Dogpeople Limited was established shortly after the directors rescued Hamish. He was our second Airedale Terrier. Sadly, our first, Henry, also a rescue, was with us a very short time. Hamish was a young bouncy boy and quickly taught us the importance of including him in our holidays and leisure time. He inspired this site and gave us a passion for Airedale Terriers. Click on the links below to find out more about Hamish and his successors – and their contribution to our experience of dog friendly days out and holidays, their trials and tribulations and the joy they brought us.


Hamish, a DogPeople Airedale

Hamish had a long and happy life exploring the length and breadth of the UK with us. He underwent more than his fair share of surgery having both cruciate ligaments fixed and a splenectomy. He bounced back from his operations with typical terrier determination and resilience. A constant companion Hamish was an exceptional dog by any measure.

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Lottie, a DogPeople Airedale

Lottie is a lively, fun-loving Airedale Terrier who enjoys company and cuddles with her special people. Most dogs are her friends, especially those that will play 'bitey face', a game popular with Airedale Terriers! Lottie provides doggy assistance to Jo with a variety of DogPeople tasks including test walking dog routes, visiting dog friendly places and (sometimes reluctantly) model dog for photos! She is a wonderful companion dog and most people who meet her are charmed.

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Murphy, a DogPeople Airedale

Murphy was a five year old handful when we rescued him. He now lives with Alan. He is a very handsome chap – and gets all the compliments when out walking with Alan! A typical Airedale in many ways; aloof; determined; stubborn (stubbornly disobedient if in pursuit of a furry beastie or its scent); loyal and; intelligent (probably the most intelligent of our dogs). He is a great traveller who settles in new surroundings quickly and is as good as gold lying in a pub or café.

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